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Quebec, Canada

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Mystery was formed in 1986 by Michel St-Pere in the Montreal region. Originally created as a studio project, it would take nearly four years before a stable line-up takes form. By 1990 the band consisted of Michel St-Pere on guitars, Raymond Savoie on vocals, Stephane Perreault on drums, and Benoit Dupuis on Keyboards. During the same time, Studio illusion is created, a recording studio owned by St-pere and long time friend Serge Gangloff.

In 1991, Mystery records 25 original songs. In addition, Michel St-Père decides to produce Mystery's first CD with additional help from Ray Savoie's brother Gary on lead vocals, and Richard Addison on bass guitar. It will take a few months to produce but finally their first independently released 5 song CD is released in 1992.

Mystery generates interests from many record labels. Then, due to the unfortunate and untimely illness of Mystery's drummer, Stéphane Perreault, Mystery is forced to take a break and each member uses this time to work on different projects. Michel St-Père and Gary Savoie take the whole summer of 1993 to record another 20 original songs at Studio Illusion and they get ready for the next CD.

Autumn 1993, Mystery gets back together as they welcome back their courageous friend, Stéphane Perreault. His illness leaves him without the use of his legs. However, Stéphane's strong determination, will and his passion for his craft give him a new and unique approach in drumming. He becomes one of the first drummers to play from a wheelchair without the help of any preprogrammed sequences.

Summer 1994, Mystery plays the whole summer in venues all over the province, bringing their music to their numerous and growing Fans. Winter 1994; Mystery starts recording Theatre of the Mind, their first full lenght CD at Studio Illusion. While recording, Mystery's lineup introduces Patrick Bourque on bass guitar and Michel Painchaud on saxophone and acoustic guitar.

1995, Michel St-Pere forms UNICORN RECORDS as they are finalizing the mix for their Theatre of the Mind. Originally created to promote the music of Mystery, no one suspected that the label would become a major force in the progressive rock community a few years later. Benoît Dupuis and Michel Painchaud quit Mystery as the band is testing their Quadraphonic live sound system while preparing for the Theatre of the Mind promotional tour in various small venues in the province.

1996, Unicorn Records releases Theatre of the Mind. MYSTERY is by now a four-piece band including, Gary Savoie on vocals, Michel St-Père on electric, acoustic guitar and keyboards, Patrick Bourque on bass and Stéphane Perreault on drums and synthesizers, The band is tighter and stronger than ever and they are ready to bring their music to the whole world. Theatre of the Mind was the turning point in MYSTERY's career and for the first time the music of MYSTERY was heard outside of Canada. Then came a first review from a Canadian magazine and then more were coming from all around the world. Progressive rock radio programs would start playing songs from Theatre of the Mind and some Record labels would start selling Mystery’s CDs in countries like: France, Norway, USA and Canada.

1997, MYSTERY begins work on the third album but during the recording sessions, Stéphane Perreault left, after 7 years with MYSTERY, to concentrate on his graphic career. As the recording sessions were already started, they had to find someone who could take the job of not only a great drummer but also a great friend. With the help of Gilles Peltier, who worked on the mixing session of Theatre of the Mind, introduced Steve Gagné to the band. Steve came to Gilles’ studio and recorded one song as a try out and he fitted right away. Once again, providence was on our side, and the recordings of DESTINY? could continue.

Destiny? Is released in May 1998, an album with a more progressive edge to the music and the CD was also simultaneously license to one of the biggest Progressive rock label in Europe, MUSEA. The CD receives very good reviews from all around the world and proves to be MYSTERY's best selling album so far. At the same time a new edition of Theatre of the Mind was released with a new cover art designed this time by MYSTERY's ex-drummer Stéphane Perreault.

The name of Mystery is in every progressive rock magazines in the world. While the critic were acclaiming the new album and the band was at their best in live performances, it was clear that not all the members were happy with the direction MYSTERY was taking and by 1999, singer Gary Savoie and MYSTERY had to go their separate ways.

The new album that was planned for 1999 had not been started yet and MYSTERY had to find another singer to replace 7 years part of the band Gary Savoie. This new singer would have a big shoe to fill as reviews were often crediting Gary Savoie to be one of the best progressive rock Singer in the world. Michel St-Pere knew just who could do the job, Benoit David who Michel had met 2 years prior to Gary's departure after a YES tribute concert. Benoit’s performance was amazing and Michel knew at that time that if ever they would need a new singer, that they would ask this guy first. Steve Gagné knew someone who knew Benoît and after a few phone calls Benoît arrived at Illusion Studio to do an audition for the next MYSTERY CD. The song was Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face, a song left over from the destiny? sessions. Benoit did a great job and joined the band right away. This audition tape will later be mixed and released on the DisDURPance Vol 3 compilation CD in Germany.

Meanwhile all of this had created a delay and the new CD was already a year late and no work was done. A Compilation CD with songs from the first three CDs called AT THE DAWN OF A NEW MILLENNIUM was released on UNICORN RECORDS. The label created by Michel St-Pere was now talking to other artists for the release of their music. This Compilation CDs was to mark the ending for the first chapter in MYSTERY's career and announcing a new beginning as well as a tribute to the voice of Gary Savoie and the beautiful contributions of many musicians who helped to make MYSTERY's music what it is today.

In 2000, Unicorn Records released the music of Spaced Out and Hamadryad. The label would take more and more time in Michel’s life for he would soon develop a real passion for his work at the label. This would however have a direct effect on the Mystery project and the recording session for the new album would be delayed.

MYSTERY would fill that gap by contributing on the Pink Floyd tribute album Signs of Life with a version of Hey you! released on the German label Angular and later on a version of Visions of Paradise was produced for the Moody Blues tribute CD Higher and Higher released on the Italian label Mellow Records.

In 2007, Unicorn Records now Unicorn Digital Inc. finally releases the long awaited new Mystery album entitled Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face. The album was recorded and mixed by Michel St-Pere at Studio illusion III in Mirabel Quebec, mastered by Richard Addison at trillium Sound Studios and featuring the beautiful pictures of Julien Roumagnac and graphic designs of Xinema’s drummer, Jonas Eckman. The Bands now consist of Benoit David on vocals, Steve Gagné on drums, Patrick Bourque ( Now living in Nashville and a full time member of the Country band Emerson Drive) on bass and Michel St-Pere on Guitars, Bass and Keyboards. The CD also features Spaced Out’s Antoine Fafard as well as Benoit Pepin on Bass.

Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face was released on May the 15th 2007.
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