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Muse Ritual
Muse Ritual

East Aurora
New York, United States

Electronic / Tribal

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Muse Ritual as a project is necessarily vague at times. How else to let the music build its story hand in hand with your imagination? There are moments of discomfort to provide the darkness to your glow. Blinding glares so that your shade may be experienced in a proper light.

Muse Ritual is meant to be experienced and enjoyed on multiple levels and always in hope of further inspirations. Heavy foundations are based upon orchestral and ethnocentric instruments held together by a miasma of modern electronic stylings.

Listening with headphones provides an inner cinema for amazing mind movies or while playing in the background becomes the soundtrack of your own muse ritual. The reward of being thoroughly experienced or as a part of a larger experience is what is sought through this as with so many creative undertakings.

Alas there is no greater reward in service of the Muse than to take a gift of inspiration and create from that inspiration something that inspires further creation. It is truly that simple and quite simply, intensely beautiful for that simplicity.

A moment of perfect bliss ....That state of Grace wherein we find ourselves as creations medium ....Of being created while we create, this is divinity. If you have ever cried while working on or finishing most any kind of creative endeavor, you understand.

The forthcoming CD "Transitionings" is both brooding and triumphant. It paints the listeners emotions into dreamy landscapes, sublimely merging its epic highs with melancholy lows. New Age Darkness meets World Ambient.

Muse Ritual is a collaborative process of making music to make things by. Its not for everyone by a long shot but if it is something that flicks your switch. Flick ours back and say something about it:)
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