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Arkansas, United States

HipHop / Rap / Adult Contemporary

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Rod "Muniklip" Mosby, 33 year old CEO of Single R Records, has the unique capability of producing a wide variety of music to suit almost any instrumental track he is presented with. He was born in Little Rock, Ar. His brand of entertaining, a combination of r&b, rap, & pop, has achieved great success online, especially on, and contains the right blend of entertainment and musicianship.

His love for rap music was developed at the age of 13 while living in De Valls Bluff, Arkansas. “I wasn’t a town favorite, athlete, or member of a wealthy family. All I had was the ability to express myself creatively through my music.” He and his twin brother, the known as Bass, made a name for themselves locally by performing underneath the bleachers at sporting events, in the hallway at school, and at parties. Their most remembered rap was entitled “The Chosen One.” Back then Bass was the rapper, and Muniklip was the beat boxer. “I couldn’t rap and really didn’t have a desire to. I wrote a lot of poetry and short stories and left the spotlight to Bass.” When he finally decided to write his own rhymes, Muniklip took off and never came down, releasing 8 underground tapes while in high school and college. “It was just fun to hear your music being played on the net and at the party. It wasn’t about getting paid back then.”

On the recording side, Muniklip has released 2 official albums and a few live performance videos from Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Little Rock which have been viewed by thousands online. In the late spring of 2007 he will be releasing his 3rd album which is untitled. “This 3rd album might be my last because I am honing in on other aspects of the entertainment business. I know where the money is. I understand that I don’t have to be the lead man to make it big.”

Whether it be pop, hardcore rap, or rap ballads, Muniklip can switch to suit the crowd at a moment's notice with a very large repertoire at his command. If a background mood is required he has dozen of hits to fit the occasion. He is scheduled to travel to Bahrain for a tour in early 2007.
Here's what a few people who purchased his cd via Cdbaby have had to say:

Reviewer: Gordon
He’ll go platinum in 2006. Call me crazy, but the guy is better lyrically than a lot of rappers you hear on the radio and see on BET—especially Mike Jones.

Reviewer: Marvin
Hey, I’ve talked to this guy in person. You wouldn’t think that such a proper speaking individual like him could pull it off. He’s always joking around and having fun. I think he’s the Michael Jordan of hip hop, making it look easy without putting forth much effort. You can’t help but admire him.

Reviewer: Jasmine Carter
If you really listen to his songs, you can tell when he’s having fun, lashing out, mad as hell, hurting, and just flowing.

Reviewer: Alvin
Everyone in the state of Arkansas with any love for hip hop hopefuls should rally around this guy because he is the answer! He could just do hooks and make it big. I think he’s just that damned good!
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