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Texas, United States

HipHop / Rap / Old School

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About MrGoodness: I go by the alias MrGoodness or M.G ...I have been listening to hip hop music prior to my teenage years. I was born up in Kansas City M.O...I began listening to east and west coast hip hop. But as i grew older in Austin TX i then started listening to a lot of underground southern rap. I began spittin freestyle flows at house partys, clubs, and with a few guys in my hood where i grew up down in that dirty 3rd... I am my own unique person so my style of flow and swag is also unique. I never wanted to be like anybody else as far as my style goes...I enjoy just doing my own thing... But lets get this strait...I dont rap to prove anything or to make people beleive that im something other than myself... This emcee or hip hop thing to me is just my outlet and a way to get a lot of B.S in my life off my mind... I have done freestyle sessions and collabs with different artists from different coasts... I guess the coolest thing is when i got some air play with WIIT 88.9FM/Chicago... Thats was cool... My track called "The Evil World" was the first to get that air play... I give a special thanks to all the people who showed me luv in the past and to all the MrGoodness fans on myspace.
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