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All Songs Mission Accomplished-Christmas in Baghdad
Christmas in Baghdad
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Christmas in Baghdad
Mission Accomplished-Christmas in Baghdad
Seasonal / Holiday
Length: 3:10
On Network Since May 23, 2007

Illinois, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Adult Alternative

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I have been a musician,economist,track driver,cook, construction worker,builder.I am a singer-songwriter,author,composer, musician ,a freethinker and a record producer.

When the religious fanatics attacked us on 9/11 our leader asked us to go” shopping” and to trust him with pursuit of justice. The People listened and were happy to oblige.
But there were others who decided to do something about it.
Ready to sacrifice everything for our freedoms, these man and women
were not seeking any rewards in this life or in” afterlife”.
They did not have any hidden agendas. These are the true American Patriots.
Some are no longer among us because they paid the ultimate price.

The shiny example of A Real American Hero is PAT TILLMAN. He unconditionally volunteered to defend our nation.
As a fiercely independent thinker, he understood the threat of religious fanaticism coming to us from our enemies but he also questioned the real motives of our “Pastor in Chief” and his religious cronies who drugged us in to War in Iraq.
Some people dream of placing the Cross on American flag and leading us back in to The Dark Ages. Our enemies like it very much because this gives legitimacy to their claims.

No matter how PAT TILLMAN died and it doesn't matter how Bush's propaganda-goons manipulate the truth.He died a truly free man and He died for our freedom.
His sacrifice will not be in vain as long as we keep learning the history and appreciate the freedoms given to us by heroes like him. That’s why He should never be forgotten.

Myself, I am just a thankful citizen. I am not a hero. I am a singer-songwriter. I am just another” shopper”. However, I would like to contribute something.
I dedicate this album “Mission accomplished-Christmas in Baghdad” to a Real American Hero PAT TILLMAN.
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