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The Weight
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The Weight

Length: 4:43
On Network Since Nov 25, 2008

Ontario, Canada

Rhythm & Blues / Jam Bands

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It is no small feat when a band’s members have experience that adds up to over 130 years of entertaining audiences and have cumulatively performed for over 100,000 faces. This means that even in a group so heavy with talent, raw energy, and the ability to excite an audience, one must go to the group’s roots to truly appreciate what they are in the present.
The concept for the group was born in late 2006, with the drive to form a professional project band that would bring together various talents from a diversity of musical backgrounds – leading to a true musical mosaic.
The result is MOSAIC, a seven-piece outfit that has a repertoire ranging from soul, Motown, and R&B, to classic rock, and country- and blues-influenced numbers – all backed up by experience, professionalism, and a great sound.
When they arrived in Southern Ontario, Cloe Bernard, with her powerful voice and dynamic connection with audiences, and Réal Gratton, with guitar playing soaked in the blues and R&B, knew they had to continue their over 25 years of deep involvement in the music industry. They had spent years fronting large bands that featured full brass sections at major festivals in Quebec – often backed up by some luminaries in that province’s music industry – and then playing as a duet in more intimate venues in California’s famed Napa Valley.
Meeting singer Rennie Ramuite, a soulful lead vocalist with gospel-infused roots, presented the perfect opportunity to balance and contrast lead vocals. They later spotted the talents of Alex Vos, a guitarist who adds his own sound with rock and country influences, and Nicole Dinaut, a bass player who lays down a rock-solid foundation, while the two were playing in another group. No thinking was required – they were exactly what the group needed and were brought onboard.
At five pieces, the group was almost there, and it was Rennie’s chance encounter with Derek Giberson, a keyboardist already busy and in demand around the Toronto area, that brought in an additional dimension with the sounds of piano, Hammond organ, and horn shots. The group was complete with the addition of drummer Dwayne Christie, an R&B and Motown master who had worked with Derek in multiple groups over the years.
MOSAIC stands apart from the crowd: Six singers in the group mean a wall of thick vocal harmonies that give goose bumps to hear; two guitars of different styles and keyboards add a rich palette of sound and the ability to produce authentic versions of hit music; and a rhythm section tight and funky enough to lay down those soul and Motown tunes in a way guaranteed to get people on the dance floor.
MOSAIC is an experience in music entertainment that will guarantee thousands more audience members an unforgettable time.
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