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Mo B
Mo B

Little Rock
Arkansas, United States

Urban / Adult Contemporary

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No matter what beat you play, the voice is the most haunting, the most expressive. The voice is the sound closest to our heart. When you hear Relaxx, you hear the voice of a lover echoing in ones ear long after the love is gone. The voice of the singer is the most memorable of all--the singer who captures the power of raw feelings; the singer whose creatively touches our heart and excites our imagination.

Mo B is such a singer.

His gift is unmatched. His brilliance as a writer, musician and producer place him in an exceptional category. His songs blend structural complexity and emotional simplicity; they're deep but direct, solid but soaring. His voice is unique.

His most recent albums are entitled Suited & Booted and Cold Heat. The voices all belong to Mo B; as singer and instrumentalist, he is his own accompanist. Watching him work out of his 1 bedroom apartment, you feel the intensity of his focus. He has a method all his own moving from track to track, from the control board to the vocal booth and back, seamlessly weaving a blanket whose design is nothing short of dazzling.

With the session over and the song in the can, Mo is ready to relax, happy to talk. In a state where becoming a musical star is almost impossible, Mo is increasingly comfortable. "The music I write," he says, "and the songs I sing must first move me. The sentiments must be real, the melodies must be magic. I want to create moods everyone can feel. Songs don't need to be perfect, but they do need character."

The character of Mo B is clear. In the studio, he is considered a young master. But his persona as a performer -- the quality of his voice, the character of his style -- is linked to a burning love for romance.

Great art is rare, and that makes Mo B the rarest of artists -- a stunningly gifted musician whose greatest accomplishment is the natural wonder of his voice.
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