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You've Been Along Time Coming
#74 in Rhythm & Blues SongVault Certified
You've Been Along Time Coming
Length: 2:12
On Network Since May 8, 2009
Mitchell Braithwaite
SongVault Certified Artist Mitchell Braithwaite

New Jersey, United States

Rhythm & Blues / Urban

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Mitchell Braithwaite is a season veteran of the music industry.

In his early teen years, Mitch B. picked up the guitar and taught himself how to play as well as Bass and Piano. After graduation from high school, Mitch recorded demos for the group: Jay& the Americans.

While knocking on doors in New York City trying to get a record contract, He landed a deal at ABC Records and cut 2 records “You’ve Been Along Time Coming” and “My Woman Needs Me” on Probe Records (subsidiary of ABC Records) at the age of 16. After successfully touring with “The Ray Charles Review”,
He then became a member of the vocal group out of the Bronx called “Chocolate Syrup” with releases on “Lawton Records/Avco Embassy Records” (Home Of “The Stylistics”) entitled: “Stop Your Crying”, “What’s The Matter Baby?”,“Let One Hurt Do” and toured with such acts like: The Stylistics, The Continental Four, GQ, The Chi-lites, 8th Day, Baby Washington and many others.

Producer/Aranger/Writer/Management/Studio Engineer:
Mitchell Braithwaite found himself in recording studios establishing relationships with some of New York’s top producers, writing, producing, recording and playing on R&B/Dance/Pop/Rap/Hip Hop sessions for artist like “Inner Life. Instant Funk, Conversion, Baby Washington, 3 Times Pleasure, Shocky Shay, Latin Spice and others.

Contacts made while working with various artist and clients induced several indie record labels to hire Mitchell Braithwaite. as a freelance record producer and promoter. While handling record promotions, he learned the in and outs of the record business, manufacturing, radio, street promtions and the distribution of product.

Record Labels:
At the introduction of rap with the 12' singles in play, Mitchell Braithwaite. Created 3 record labels ASIDE Records: 12' singles - “I’m Little Roxanne” A 9 year old female artist by the name of Tanganyika.
We-Four Records: 12' - "The Adventures Of Father Goose"
Dazz Records: 12' - The Adventures Of Super Ryme"

As rap became the means of expressions, Mitchell Braithwaite, found himself producing and promoting other rap artist records and concerts at local clubs throughout the Tri-Stat Area, Washington DC and The Southern States.

Owning and operating 3 successful night clubs in the Bronx: “Black Pearl, Stardust Ballroom & The Infamous Castle”, which became the home of “Kid Capri” Kool DJ Red Alert, Lord Finesse, Jus-Ice, Ice T, Africa Bambata & Zulu Nation, Keith Sweat, DJ Reggie Wells, DMX, Big Daddy Kane, Bizzy Bee, Rob Bass and many other Rap/Hiphop artist recording artist.

If you have a project that you have started or in the middle of one and need help Let's talk.. Send me an email..
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