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Miss Kristin
Miss Kristin

California, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Alternative Folk

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Miss Kristin has a way with words and an emotional sultry voice unique to Miss Kristin alone. Spilling her guts and rocking out in unison come with warmth and sincerity for this compassionate singer/writer/producer.

With seven albums so far, her newest being "THE RUNNER", Miss Kristin should not be missed if you are a fan of original album oriented rock music. Kristin produces her own songs and plays many of her own instruments.

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar and Keyboards, she is a true multi-instrumentalist. Often collaborating with the one and only Mr. Tom Landry,(another superb multi-instrumentalist) Kristin's music haunts and taunts you, getting under your skin slowly and deeply. The best thing to do is listen. Take it in and breath.
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