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Mindless Hope
Mindless Hope

Pennsylvania, United States

Instrumental Rock / Heavy Metal

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Matt Grosse is a life long guitar player who has an amazing gift for creating and recording. If it weren't for Matt's great skill in the studio and perfecting some rather obscure riffs and patterns, this project would be lost in the pages of time. Matt leads the band with his skillful solo's and thrashing riffs. He started this project in August of 2009. Matt knew he was going to need to put a band together in order to back him live, so he called on two old friends who he had not seen in about 7 years.

James Rivera has also been playing guitar for many years now. He is the second lead guitarist. James has solo work as well in the music, which is why he is not only a rhythm player but more of a guitar dueling mastermind. Matt and James create double and triple harmonies, which in turns adds to our sound.

Justin Brown is our official rhythm guitarist. Justin came aboard a little later than everyone else, We met Mr. Brown during a drummer audition in which he displayed his grand ability to learn quickly and desire to play. Matt had always known he was going to need a third guitar player for his music to sound complete.

Tom Dilliplane is the co-founding member and bass player. He is also one of the two old friends. Tom and Matt started writing songs for this project on August 30th 2009. If it wasn't for Tom's ability to create and pull riffs out of mid-air we wouldn't have the amount of songs we have already.

William Lohr is our drummer and is now the new youngster of the band. It only took one time watching him play for the rest of the band to say "ya, you're in the band". He completes the band with his presence on the drums.

We'll add some new pics as soon as possible.
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