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Piacenza, Italy

Progressive / Rock

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The group Mindflower was founded in 1994 when Fabio Antonelli (guitars), Alberto Callegari (bass) and Fabrizio Defacqz (keyboards and voice) decided to pursue and express their own musical and philosophical sensitivity through rock-prog music.

Everything starts from some simple but deep musical insights by Fabio Antonelli.

PURELAKE, the first album, (recorded at Musical Box –Genova-) went out in 1995, produced by the most important Italian prog label: Mellow Records. The second album, MINDFLOATER, went out in 2001, (recorded at Elfostudio in Agazzano, also by Mellow Records) and it was well received by the progressive music press.

The evolution from a rock band to a musical project has taken place thanks to the unprecedented experience with THE ART OF DREAMS IN A LITTLE BOTTLE (“a miracle” for some critics) by Fabio Antonelli Ensemble.

Since the recording of the album MINDFLOATER Alberto Callegari has also become the artistic director of the project, while all three members are the authors of the music and the lyrics.

The latest album, LITTLE ENCHANTED VOID, produced by the French label Musea Records, is the result of six years of work. It was recorded at Elfostudio, Tavernago – Italy, and at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, Box – UK, and mastered at the infamous Abbey Road Studios.

The album, thought highly of by critics, has just come out on the web and is available in shops at the end of April.

Today the group loves melding modern and classical languages such as progressive moods, rock rhythms and vintage electronic sounds with orchestral arrangements.

Mindflower -now comprised of four members with Francesca Bianco (management and additional voice) as the new addition- are already thinking about new projects and working hard to develop their music concept in impressive and unique artistic events.
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