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KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / HipHop / Rap

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Njabulo mbatha(MIller_j)South African rapper, singer and song writer,dancer & promoter,video editor..he was (born on 2002/13/April) frm durban at ntuzuma b(rich mond farm) he still studie at Mandlenkosi high school at lindelani..(grd 9)
He started his career on 2015 on Eshowe with his brothers (Pc boyz) they realised their debut project called "mbally" with 16 lames songs and haters criticized those tracks
on 2016 miller j met with 2 boiz called lexical homiez (Engleash,king Tee) and started upgraded many things ..and trying to building Record label called (Lexical records)
While they started to dropping singles and mixtapes ,getting interview and killing show
On 2017 Lexical homiez developing into the next level ppls started getting attracted by good music.. Mphosta G Nd Que kwest joined the crew ...everything were not going well but they realised single ''sauce" in hurry situation tht song getting damage even the beat was like kasi rap beats few days left king tee and Engleash getting connection on vibe f.m and abandoned those 3 homiez..(Miller j,Mphosta G,Que kwest) 
The group getting separated like that Miller j and Mphosta G were don't haved an problem about that few days they started to create new crew (street_devilz) with King ceint & Nelisa Andrew they planning to Dropping E.p (The word of slamps)with 6 tracks 
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