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malopolskie, Poland

Garage Rock / Modern Rock

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The name of the Polish band from Krakow - MIKIRURKA - appeared for the first time in 2005 when its founder and initiator - Piotr Warszawski - started home recording songs that were already Ďin the airí for almost 10 years.
The first real demo - "Once Upon a Time in the Ass" - was released in 2005 and up till today there are three more available, including two with original, new songs ("Old But Still Hot" 2006, "Dead Hero or Living Coward?" 2007) and one with popular hits ("My Favourite Love Songs" 2006). Each of them can be found on The one-man project was then expanded and became a proper band after joining in by a drummer Mat Buffalo and guitarist Wujek Drut in 2007.
The name of the band is actually a play on words based on polish pronunciation of a famous American actorís name - Mickey Rourke. However, bandís compositions have nothing to do with Mickey Rourke himself and yet the name remains as a tribute paid to the actorís artistic output.
The bandís philosophy can be expressed by a few words - keep it simple, keep it energetic and keep it rocking!
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