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Mike Allen
Mike Allen

Texas, United States

Contemporary Folk / Americana

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A Texas born singer/songwriter. Mike has a strong background as a lead guitarist in Blues (Little Walter Price), Southern Rock (Southern Sin) and various forms of Country and Country Rock (Jeff Hord and the Texas Fullhouse Band, Bootleg Country, Hatfield and McCoy, DJ Daniels Band...)Performing with or opening for many top billed acts such as BB King, Albert Collins, SRV, Johnny Rodriguez, Gene Watson, Toby Keith, The Dixie Chicks.......

Always a writer, Mike had his first song recorded in 1984, "Whiskey and Tears", and has been an ASCAP writer and publisher since 2001. Mike has now gone acoustic, solo and concentrating on the songs rather than the "show". Falling into a cross between Country/Roots/Americana/Blues and Folk, Mike's music is REAL. Whether it is about a love gone wrong, one newly found or just the pitfalls of everyday life, everyone will find something of themselves in Mike's songs.
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