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Michele Ari
Michele Ari

Tennessee, United States

Rock / Alternative

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Michele Ari is a singer/songwriter of considerable standing. She’s one of those open and honest people who wear their hearts firmly on their sleeves in the name of their art. Her incredible debut album ‘85th and Nowhere’ had not only her homeland of America enraptured, it also caused genuine excitement throughout Europe.

Respected music reviewers from revered music publications had nothing but genuine praise for her debut effort. The Swedish music press described her work as ‘a confident collection of songs musically reminiscent of Nick Lowe's early 80’s sound’. In Scotland the press mused that she ‘has a capability to evoke countless emotions’ and ‘an intensity of unquestionable depth’. The career dictating London journos were impressed enough to write ‘sounding like Deborah Harry did when she was at her best in the 80’s’. '85th and Nowhere' also drew this comment courtesy of the 'Manila Standard' in the Philippines: ‘probably one of the most important artists that you have not heard yet’. These quotes, and so many others, are genuine snippets from reviews by people who have been in the business long enough to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Should further evidence of Michele Ari’s talent be needed then surely an invite to perform at London’s International Film and Poetry Festival alongside Patti Smith, or, ‘1,000 Kisses’ being named song of the year by a WMNF dj or even, the inclusion of her songs on American and European radio play lists is enough to convince anyone of her worth. On the 3rd of June, 2007 Michele , by 100% of the listener votes, was declared the winner when she went up against another unsigned artist on one of the UK’s farthest reaching radio stations, Moray Firth Radio . Being only the second unsigned artist to receive such an overwhelming response ,in the history of the show, proves that Ari is what this world has been waiting for.

Michele is a catalyst for these times. Her voice is no fluke, her talent is as natural as the seasons , and her grasp of song writing is uncanny. She remains a much needed transfusion of new blood for the veins of a genre quickly running out of ideas and direction. Half the world is unaware of her existence and the other half is unable to keep the secret! Expect many ‘I discovered her first’ claims when she finally strolls onto the map that will place her alongside many other luminaries of this fickle industry. Don’t take the word of the press, or the actions of a country, find out for yourself and be privy to the worst kept secret , but the best bet for success, this music industry currently has to offer.
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