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michael lindner
michael lindner

California, United States

Instrumental Rock / Rock & Roll

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michael lindner cocktail napkin released july 2007

i began music at 8 yrs., playing accordion.

February 1964: switched to bass guitar, specifically, after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.
i played in rock and roll bands in high school.
bass is my primary instrument. i play accordion, keys, guitar, mandolin and drums  

i have played in numerous bands over the yrs.: 1968-2008
Marvin Gardens, The Mendocino All Stars, Renninger, Black Kangaroo, Avalanche, Link Wray, Brother Buzz. Mojo (Miles Corbin), Jimmy Knight and the Daze, The Baxter Brothers, The King Sounds, Those Darn Accordions, Transistor Rodeo

i am presently playing and creating with:
The Aqua Velvets with Miles Corbin; having produced and engineered eight surf/instrumental cds since 1992. occasionally playing live.
Peter Kaukonen: playing bass, live and recording.
Adam Lieb: “Haydon Voyage” and “Amnesia” playing bass and engineering and co-producing, also playing live. a new cd is in the works.
Chris Bramble: co-produced and played on his new cd "Laugh at the Wind".
Amber Lee and the Anomalies: co-produced and played on her new cd, “Estuaries”, also playing mandolin live.
John Reese: play bass with the Open Heart Band.
Johnny Downer and James Foster of Free Peoples) and Brackett Clark in the band Zymurgy: playing bass.
Chris Lods: playing bass live, a cd project in the future.

i am very lucky to be playing with two of best drummers in sonoma county: thomas loos and tim gahagan.

i host the open mic at the Ace in the Hole Cider Pub in sebastopol ca on friday evenings.

i do audio engineering and production with Protools at alleyone studio

i am a voting member of NARAS (National Academy of the Recording Arts and Sciences) as Songwriter and Producer/Engineer.

thanks for listening and looking
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