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Michael Fernandez
Michael Fernandez

Florida, United States

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A legacy is born. An interracial R&B Hip Hop Group hits the street of Miami and they stick to their name with every song “Xclusive”. The group Xclusive was formed in 2002. Starting out singing and performing at churches, schools and local events, leading up to live performances at venues across the country. The group has been together for 6 years, shocking the world with what the group members call “Xclusive hits for fun”. Xclusive is always asked who they sound similar to, the group quickly answers, “Well that's just it, what makes us Xclusive is that we don't sound like anyone else out there – says DK. But if we had to chose we would say Day 26, ZMX, Nsync, New Edition, 112 and Blackstreet. But still just like us, when asked what does Xclusive mean to us in our own words. “Xclusive” basically means that we are exclusively making our music for our fans and for the love of music, not for money or materialistic reasons. We are always asked where do we see ourselves in the future, what are our goals and expectations? DK had to say, “We would love to be recognized worldwide, Become multi-platinum artist by having fun and doing what we love. Chris Babii, added, ” Definitely BET, I love BET. I also see us going to the Grammy's performing and winning multiple awards. But aside from that we would like to give back to our communities and our fans and always put God first to everything we do. (the group agreed) Gotti F says “I just want us to become legendary and be remembered as a group that loves our music just a much as our fans do. Finally, Rico D had his saying, I want to be a house hold name, and I want to be remembered and respected for our vocals and hit making talents. To sum it up, We are very talented and will prove we deserve a spot in this industry. And we look forward to collaborating with other musicians and expanding our fan base. Much Love! , Xclusive
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