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Michael E. Stark
Michael E. Stark

New Jersey, United States


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Mike Stark has been singing and recording music since the early 90's. He formed the band Newlife with a few friends, and quickly started writing music to record an album. Recording his first album in Nashville, TN he became part of the big coffee house boom throughout the NYC Metro area. After a few solo music projects, he formed a 'recording' band 1HOPE4U in 2004, and released 'This Hope That I Have' by Mike & The 1HOPE4U Band, as they became known. This latest project contained 14 new songs, and is known to have copies throughout the country, with it being his most printed album to date. Soon, Mike will be forming a new group of musicians born out of the love they all share for getting Christ-centered real life music out there. On occasion he still works with side bands including 'Unchained' and contributes to his church worship, at the Breakpoint Community Church in Hackettstown, NJ.
Growing up in NJ. He was saved back in the late 80's and met his future wife Kelly at a bible study. His brother then started dating her sister, and the two had a double wedding of two brothers marrying two sisters in 1993.
"...I still record when I can, but with a heavy singing out schedule which takes up alot of free time - it gets hard..." he says. "...My passion is to reach the lost through great sounding music. I want to be able to reach the outcasts and lonely ones who retreat into their bedrooms after school thinking no one loves them. If they can find refuge in music, and if I can meet them there through music with the gospel, - I have accomplished my goal, cause I've been there, done that and bought the T-shirt..."
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