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Michael Dimitri
Michael Dimitri

Wales, United Kingdom

Singer/Songwriter / Alternative Country

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Michael Dimitri is originally from the States, born in Selma Alabama. He is of Native American (Míkmaq) and Greek descent. He has toured the world and has lived in Canada, Ireland, England and now resides in Wales.

Michael has been writing, playing and performing since he was 14 and has been very fortunate to have worked with a few of the legends in the entertainment business, Wilson Picket,
Marvin Gaye and Sam & Dave, to name just a few. His main musical instrument is his voice but he also plays guitar, bass, keys, drums and percussion. Michael is also an actor working in films (‘Incognito’ ‘Antz’), television (‘Something Else’) and (‘Switchback’) for Canadian TV (London’s Burning’) for ITV UK and the stage where he starred in two hit Rock & Roll musicals in London’s West End. (‘Good Rockin’ Tonite’) where his portrayal of legendary rocker ‘Gene Vincent’ brought him critical acclaim. In (‘Elvis the Musical’) Michael was endorsed by the Presley estate when he took on the roll of ‘Elvis’, the king of Rock & Roll and wowed audiences and critics alike.

Michael is a Singer’s singer, a Musician’s musician and a Writer’s writer and a consummate live performer, he has a level of communication with audiences that sets him apart from the ordinary. His music speaks to everyone, the young and the old, the rich and the poor. You are just as likely to see a twenty year old university student as a fifty-five year old Grandfather truck driver at one of his shows.

It is very hard to put Michael in one particular genre of music but he calls what he does ‘Rockin’ Country Soul’
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