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MiC Alexander
MiC Alexander

Florida, United States

Pop / HipHop / Rap

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"MiC (Mike) Alexander is a talented, young artist, who brings to the table an electric fusion of Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, Pop, and Soul. Brought up on musical influences such as Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Oldies, and Pop, he was subjected to all varieties of music from an early age. Later on, he branched out into his own musical interests. He delved into Rap, Rock, Country, Classical, and just about every other genre known. Yet, his true passion, musically speaking, has always been in the R&B and Hip Hop genres.
Born and raised in South Florida, or as he likes to call it, "So Flo", music was everywhere. There were concerts, festivals, parades, and literally dozens of radio stations to choose from. 'Music is just a vital part of life down there. Even if I tried, I couldn't escape it.' says the 20 year old singer. 'It's always been around me [music] and I've just embraced it over the years.'
When asked what inspires him in writing his own music (which he writes every word he sings), he responded, without hesitation, 'Life.' 'Life is a beautiful thing when it isn't complicated. But when life gets complicated...I write' he says with a half smile, half smirk. For someone who exerts as much emotion and authority into his works as we have heard, he seems somewhat shy when discussing it. 'I guess it's just the way I was brought up. I've never been one to gloat. My parents just raised me that way. I was brought up with really strong morals.'
MiC, born Michael Hoyos in 1986, of a cuban father, and French Canadian mother, certainly seems to be a calm, level headed individual with an enormous passion for what he does. 'My biggest credo, i guess you could say, is that I have to have a passion for something, for it to even be worth doing. I've only had a strong, burning passion for two things in my life, and music is the only one still around today.' When asked what the other was, Mic replied with, 'It's not important. I live for today, not yesterday.'
With his debut album, 'Open Mic', recently pre-released, from the Pueblo, Colorado based independent label, 5150XO Entertainment, LLC, the radio, tv, and magazine ad campaign, and the several shows planned to promote the singer's debut album, it is almost a certainty that the public eye will be following his every move." -JF
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