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MF Twist
MF Twist

Essex, United Kingdom

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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This is DJ MF Twist, A Hip Hop producer and DJ from the South East UK, Since 1998 I have been mixing various genres of music particularly hard dance and hip hop playing various events including, BASILDON OPEN AIR FESTIVAL (2002, 2006) and more recently, FATTIES BAR (RESIDENCY 2006-7). I have been producing music since 2003 but have only concentrated on it as a priority since late 06, I have produced for various artists including, STR8 UP T(AUS), POTHEADS (NZ), THE INSURGENTS (UK), H.Y.P.E (US), COLD SHOULDER (US) and many more. I also have a reputation for remixing thanks largely to MF Twist remixes of T6 - WORK MY BODY in 2007 and COLD SHOULDER - AVERAGE GUY (AGAIN IN 07). I am currently working on various projects with some top artists so stay tuned!.
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