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Mercy Nation
Mercy Nation

Sinking Spring
Pennsylvania, United States

Alternative / Rock

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Mercy Nation is a 3-piece alternative rock band that originated on January 15th, 2007 and is based out of Fleetwood, PA. Mercy Nation’s writing and musical influences include the Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Tool, Our Lady Peace, The Cure, U2 and Radiohead. The three musicians who comprise Mercy Nation are dedicated and focused on reaching their main goal: to have their music embraced by every listening human being.

Brendon Weaver is the singer and guitarist for the band. He attended professional school in Boston, MA and moved back to his home state of Pennsylvania in 2004. He is a singer/songwriter that has played at numerous coffeehouses and open mic nights in both Berks County and the Boston area. His musical training originated with learning classical piano for 13 years, prior to switching to learning guitar during his early college days. It was at college where he also developed an interest in songwriting. Over time, he strongly desired to assemble a team of committed musicians to write and perform quality alternative rock music.

After years of solo performances and constantly writing new material, Brendon posted print and internet “musician wanted” ads, hoping for a response from talented musicians. A short time passed before Tim Jackson answered the ad as a prospective drummer. Over the past 22 years, Tim has compiled a diverse knowledge of musical styles such as alternative, rock, pop, progressive and metal into his drumming. Brendon and Tim hit it off and developed a strong friendship that is at the core of the band. They began the process of rehearsing, promoting and building the Mercy Nation’s song catalogue. Over the past year, they also performed well-received acoustic shows of their original material at local coffeehouses, patiently waiting for a dedicated and skilled bass player to present himself.

After several months of searching for a talented bass player, Tim convinced his good friend, Derek DeLong, to check out the practice sessions that were going on in Tim’s basement. Since picking up a bass guitar at the young age of eight years old, Derek has gained a variety of experience playing the assorted styles of heavy rock, funk and metal. Derek has infused these elements into his mode of playing bass, focusing all of his skills to rock out the low end of Mercy Nation. After hearing the music Brendon and Tim were creating, Derek willingly agreed to join the group.

The members of Mercy Nation have entertained at such venues as The North Star Bar, Grape Street Philadelphia, Crocodile Rock, The Sterling Hotel and The Silo Rock Club and have shared the stage with great bands, such as One Less Reason, Boys Like Girls, Lost Prophets, Jealousy Curve, and Eighteen Visions. Their song “Prom Queen” has received recent commercial radio play. Mercy Nation has spent the past year amassing a number of high-quality rock songs, fine-tuning their unique sonic tone and fleshing out their stage presentation. Now they are looking to establish themselves as “the band to see” and develop a devout following in their home state of Pennsylvania, branching out from there.
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