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Movin' Melvin Brown
Movin' Melvin Brown

Texas, United States

Country Blues / Delta Blues

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Movin Melvin
Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Tap Dancer, TV and Movie Personality, and Writer
Melvin is known and loved around the world for his Great Entertainment and Stage skills, as well as for Humanitarian Causes, he has made appearances with many of the greats to include Stevie Wonder, James Brown ect. as well as writing and producing two five-star musicals, and has mustered a huge following for his Personal Appearances, and help to satisfy that Fan base (after having a hit record on Jazz Fm London) he has launched a successful recording phase, with his CDs, CHANGE THIS WORLD, JUST FOR FUN, ALL OF ME, LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE, A MAN A MAGIC A MUSIC (a double album of music history), and most recently,(from the musical) ME, RAY CHARLES AND SAMMY DAVIS JR, and now JUST A LITTLE COUNTRY, with originals combining Country, Blues and Swing, something you have to hear for yourself, it is Magic.
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