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Melissa Holland
Melissa Holland

New York, United States

Americana / Contemporary Folk

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Holland, Thompson, and Tooch
Remember when lyrics were important?

They still are on Holland, Thompson, and Tooch.
Insightful, clever, funny, inspiring- these are the lyrics of H, T, and T.

This recording is Americana. It is all original music. It lights your path as you travel from roots country to stirring folk anthems to social consciousness humor.
Flute, keyboard, and bass solos accent the acoustic sound, along with masterful harmonies showcased in the acappella opener. One song offers an introduction by wild geese in flight - real wild geese!

Melissa Holland’s voice is often compared to Joni Mitchell. Her biting, visceral humor is both amusing and thought-provoking. Her flute solos are a high point on the recording. “I Can See Me” is a stunning original 1940s-style love song.

LuAnne Thompson’s rich and powerful voice is roots country. Her lyrics are clearly heartfelt, her message honest and sincere, delivering emotion with impact. “Cabin On A Hill” is Patsy Cline-Hank Williams country at its best. It is reassuring to know that such music can still be written today.

John Martucci’s warm, versatile voice complements his complex melodies. His modern folk style is well suited to his often stirring lyrics. “Keep On Chippin” won him personal praise from folk legend Pete Seeger, who asked for the lyrics to publish in Sing Out Magazine.

The whole is even more than the sum of all the exceptional parts. Let Holland, Thompson, and Tooch be your incandescence on a musical journey.

Holland, Thompson, and Tooch have joined forces with alan ross haynes ( ) and are available for appearances in the Hudson Valley area of New York and throughout the northeast. Call 845-831-3740 for performance schedules and to arrange performances.
© 2007 Holland, Thompson, and Tooch
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