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mc demune
mc demune

Oregon, United States

HipHop / Rap / Alternative Rap

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Demune is a force to be dealt with on stage and record. A kaleidoscope of style and talent, yet it is his proficiency and dexterity as an emcee that has earned him notoriety.

Spending most of his life between California and Hawai'i, Demune now resides in Portland, Oregon. Demune's latest releases "Crossbreeding and Grafting" and "Crossbreeding and Grafting / Fossils" can be found on record label Ponowai Flora. "Crossbreeding and Grafting," released in 2006, received international distribution in both Europe and Asia. You can purchase Demune's music on such online stores as Itunes, Amazon, and Cd Baby.

Performing since the mid nineties, he is a veteran of the stage with a captivating live show. I quote one writer in saying, "He stuns crowds with his powerful command of the stage, piercingly effective words, and masterfully executed delivery."

Whether stimulating crowds, creating albums, or mixing music for other artists Demune has been productive in the last decade. Since the beginning of the 21st century he has had
a creative hand in seven DIY releases.

During May and April of 2007 Demune was an artist on the Tora De Flor Tour that played numerous venues in Europe. In 2006, Demune was also an artist on the North American Going for Broke
Tour with members of the Visionaries.

Making a strong impression on both the hybrid and traditional enthusiast, he carries an original sound that can only be described as Demune.
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