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Dime Chics (remix)
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Dime Chics (remix)
King Pain Red Dragon
HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:39
On Network Since Nov 2, 2010
Maxheat Mosley
SongVault Certified Artist Maxheat Mosley

Ohio, United States

HipHop / Rap / Adult Contemporary

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Mike "MaxHeat" Mosley a.k.a. MaD MaXxx from Akron, Ohio is the Director of Operations, Audio Engineer, Webmaster, PR Specialist, Radio DJ, Program Director, Graphic Designer, Producer, Official Underground Music Ambassador and the lead performer for M3 Records (Ohio) with a B.A. in Media Production and a minor in Pre Law. MaD MaXxx is also the co-founder of M3 Records and the internationally syndicated "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show" radio program featuring major indie artists, poetry, celebrity news, and comedic relief. Michael is also the origin of and the challenge.

Michael was introduced to music production by a childhood friend who enjoyed improv (freestyle) expression in 1997. Originally, Michael was expected to be a dominant basketball point guard by age 15. His freshman season average as Captain for the Copley Indians was an average of 18 points per game. During the summer of Mike's upcoming sophomore debut, Michael fractured his neck in two places and almost lost his life in a random 1996 car accident. The date of his accident was July 21, 1996, however Michael was back attending Copley High School by the Spring semester though not as the star athlete. "Life is the opposite of what most expect. But many gifts are overlooked," stated MM. In 1997, although having no musical training, Michael began designing instrumental mixes and thought provoking lyrics on his laptop and thus developed his own unique eclectic arrangements. Chance encounters with other aspiring artists helped to consummate his style without using profanity as a crutch.

Michael graduated Copley High School in 1999 & attended Kent State University the following term pursuing a degree in Mass Communication. Michael’s creative expressions became original music compositions where he employed a variety of live instruments and other synthesized sounds. While finishing college in 2004 at The University of Akron, Michael also joined WZIP FM as an On-Air Disc Jockey, Webmaster and production staff member.

Michael's first album released on the M3 (Ohio) label, “No Compromise; Losing Contact, Tracks of My Peers” was recorded at EHB studios in 2001 on which Mike performs as Executive Producer and Lead Vocal. Soon after followed MaxHeat's No Compromise vol. 2 album and his King Pain Chronicles album along with several underground self produced mixtapes. Mike MaxHeat Mosley continues to evolve audio and media as he enhances his personal and professional technique by hosting, mixing, producing, promoting, recording, collaborating, writing and publishing diverse international audio projects while campaigning for radio syndication.
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