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matt wilson
matt wilson

Texas, United States

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Matt Wilson

Pop rock artist Matt Wilson offers the ultimate in entertainment. He never fails to elicit pleasure from his audience and he does so with intelligence and verve. Wilson’s songwriting is catchy without being pandering and is imbued with a degree of depth not to be expected in most of the pop world. Wilson is the new paradigm for popular rock.

Practice, Have Fun, Entertain

Wilson’s musical rules are simple: Practice, have fun and entertain. These, he believes, encompass the core ideals of a musician. Practice: Wilson believes that to have fun and entertain, you have to take music seriously. Not morbidly serious, mind you, but serious enough that the artist takes the time to practice and hone his craft. Wilson believes he owes that much to the fans. But fun also has to enter into the equation. If you’re not enjoying making your music, then what are you in it for? That is the question posed by Wilson. A lack of passion will hinder music’s ability to grab the listener’s attention. And if the first two rules are followed, the last will fall into place. Entertain. That’s something Wilson does every time he performs.

The Artist at Work

Wilson was lead in the first national tour of Billy Joel’s Broadway musical, “Movin’ Out.” He also guest-starred in the Carolina Opry. The Texas State Senate has honored Wilson with a resolution for his achievements in the area of fine arts. He took the stage for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia and has opened for the likes of Hall & Oates, Little River Band and others. For two years he performed at Disney World. As per his creative ethic, he is always at work writing new music. Wilson is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

“Matt Wilson’s music has the kind of spark that could start a forest fire. Let’s hope he sets fans hearts alight instead – figuratively speaking.” – A&R Select

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