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Mary Swanson
Mary Swanson

South Carolina, United States

Folk / New Acoustic

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The Heart of Me
People have always said that I am an emotional person, and I know itís true. Ever since I can remember, I have always worn my heart on my sleeve. And itís not a bad thing, because I always know where to find it. Every painting, every picture, every song, and every story, every letter, and every note, has been the culmination of my emotional journey. I think I would much rather call it passion. I have always been passionate. My greatest moments as an artist have been in a small room, sitting on a bed, with tears streaming down my guitar. So, to the sensitive ones I say, be sensitive, but let it be a righteous sensitivity.

The Big Applause
I donít speak much of my accolades as an artist, but I do thank God for every opportunity that Iíve been given to creatively communicate with this world. Whether it be a ceremony, a show, or a living room, Heís always been there by my side. My achievement is in the music and in the way it has touched peopleís lives.

The Journey
Iíve always loved drums, guitars, and other instruments. I could never play them all, so I always love it when I can jam with my friends. I love their talent and how we all bring a little bit to the table to create a yummy musical feast. So, Iíll continue to write, play, and sing as long as I have words to say, songs to play, and breath to sing. Each day is another opportunity to experience the great creation around me. And if others join me on my journey, the more the merrier.
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