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Mark Chaney
Mark Chaney

Tennessee, United States

Alternative / Spiritual

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I'm a completely self taught musician and vocalist. Everytime I play an instrument or sing I learn new things. I play all the music myself except I program the drums because yeah I've never learned to play them and have no way of recording them so... Music is my life and it's going to be my life. With backing or not. Eventually I want to get a band together where I sing and help with all the writing and do some recording as well but live just do the vocals. I'm living, I'm breathing, I'm dreaming, I'm evolving(constantly: music and self). I put all of my self into my music. No stone will be left unturned when I am done(which I will never be). I am on a life long spiritual journey into the depths of the infinite and unexamined and unexplained. My lyrics will be like spider webs infinitely wound together weaving in and out from dimension to dimension, reality to fantasy, universe to universe, anything to everything while always keeping them positive. I will put all my heart and creative energy into this. I am putting all my heart and creative energy into this. I will keep growing as a musician and person throughout my life. My style will change but never the positive energy I put into it. I know I will never reach my potential because my potential is endless.
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