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Mark Burrell
Mark Burrell

Arizona, United States

Indie Pop / Indie Rock

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Im a hard working Musician /Songwriter that loves what I do. If Im not writting then Im usually eating or sleeping, "No", Im usually taking care of mom shes getting older 84, and still going stong ."Gotta love that"! I was born and raised in Mesa AZ. I started playing drums when I was 6 years old . I played in such bands as The break thru ,Joe hood zepher,Crimson ash ,Sparrow , Bad Habit, Southern Blaze, Steve Cooley Band ,The Mark lucus Band, Billy wyatt and Night wind. Or as some called us break wind "somthin like that" .We were just hard working musicians At the time I did'nt have much choice, I had to pay the bills ..... Most of the Bands I played with usually would'nt let me sing . because the truth was I could out sing out perform Most of them. They kept me hidden behind the drums,better seen than heard .I started writing about 10 years ago and fell in love with that .I've gotten pubished by Voodoo records and hopefully more soon.thats about it real exciting eh. . Oh and yes I have a beautiful daugther named - The Best in Independent Music
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