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Nevada, United States

Alternative Country / Country


Mark Barrett

Country artist Mark Barrett of Las Vegas writes music that reaches people. He utilizes themes and ideas that strike a chord of commonality in listeners, finding the universal element in a story or lyrical concept that the members of an audience can all relate to.


“Music makes me feel alive,” says Barrett. Songwriting is his ticket to a vibrant meaningful life and audience members can partake of that same sensation through listening to Barrett’s music. It resonates with life-affirming power and leaves the listener bolstered and strengthened and more than a little inspired. “Expressing emotions and connecting with listeners allows me to share life stories and memories if real or make believe.

Story Connection

“Music combines our thoughts,” Barrett declares. He sees music as a means of uniting people, of bridging the chasms that sometimes loom between us. By hitting upon the universal elements of the human experience through musical storytelling and lyrical expression, Barrett enables listeners to stand together in the strength that is music. “Music is a way for people to connect through a story or just a simple lyric that could relate to that person or someone they might know.”


Barrett’s incomparable songwriting is fueled by a passionate drive to always improve, to never be content. His strong work ethic shines through in tightly written and solidly performed songs. “I always strive for more and to do things better tomorrow than what I did today.” He says that he finds strength and inspiration through family and friends.

The Artist at Work

His nonstop songwriting has left Barrett with a wealth of material. “I’m ready to promote what I’ve created. I’m always creating new ideas for lyrics and music production. My mind never sleeps.” Barrett has a final two songs to complete before his forthcoming “This Far From Broke” CD is ready for public consumption. The near future is heavy with the promise of top shelf country entertainment from this skilled songwriter. “Music has been my life for over twenty years. A singer, songwriter and a stage performer are who I really am.” Barrett is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Mark Barrett has found the true heart of country music and delivers it with full strength.” – A&R Select
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