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Marek Chodkiewicz
Marek Chodkiewicz

Moonee Beach
NSW, Australia

General Children's Music / Alternative Folk

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Marek has been song writing for nearly forty years, having written over 1000 songs in the first 7 years of his song writing. Many of the songs written over the last 30 years have come from work in school and community settings: writing specifically for plays, lessons and festivals.
The best way to describe Marek’s music is that it is sensitive and of broad appeal.
“Play Penny Pancake” (Folk section) and “Technocratic Tycoons” (Comedy Section), both humerous songs, were finalists in the Northcoast of NSW Dolphin Music Awards.
Marek and a student Savannah Regan won a Dolphin Award for Devotional music in 2008.
The Paramount Group, a major talent scout company from Nashville USA has offered Marek two song-writing contracts – one for “My Miracle” off the “Fireside” Album and
“Love it Waiteth” from the “Auroral Glow” Album.
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