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Maniacal Drone
Maniacal Drone

Florida, United States

Heavy Metal

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MAR - 12
Tampa, FL
The Pegasus Lounge at 8:00 PM $5.00
MAR - 15
Lakeland, FL
Mojo's Winghouse -... at 8:00 PM $5.00
MAR - 25
Winter Park, FL
The Haven at 8:00 PM $5.00

Maniacal Drone was a little surprised when they received an email from founder of Interscope Records and engineer/record producer Beau Hill, who stated that " Maniacal Drone had a fresh new sound with stylistic vocals." The band formed in 2008 when the two singers and songwriters, David Gandia and Chris Maddox met at Nextierium Recording Studios in Lakeland, Florida. Fueled by a mutual love for "groove oriented metal with intense guitar riffs and melodies", the two began writing and recording material. "It became clear that we had something worth while after the first few cuts" says Chris. "Dave and I just clicked and we knew the time was right to get this sound to the masses." The band was soon joined by bassist Myk Blevins and drummer Ryan Hampton, both with a mathematical and groove oriented style that added a new dimension to the Maniacal Drone sound. Excited as they were with their new sounds and ideas they uploaded a cut on to see what the response would be. To their surprise the song "Blind" climbed to number 1 on the new bands metal genre charts and remained there for nine days. Although they couldn't be happier than they are with their devoted fans in Florida, the bands goals are to take the steps needed to reach the next level. "What it comes down to for us", remarks Dave, "is that we love and stand behind what we're doing and alot of people are starting to take notice." "Exactly" agrees Chris. "Even without the success we've met so many people that love and appreciate what were doing. We wouldn't have it any other way."
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