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london, United Kingdom

Rock & Roll / Adult Alternative

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Manakin are:
Vocals: Shake
Guitar, vocals: Charlie Casey
Bass: Russell Milton
Drums: Ian Markin

If you have not yet heard of Manakin, consider this your wake-up call to one of the music arena’s best kept secrets. A true rarity in today's world of over-hyped marketing product and shameless clones of prior successes, Manakin are - in every sense of the term - “the real deal:” a band discovered by a host of extremely loyal and fervent fans, solely via the internet. It is these faithful devotees who have responded, in turn, by vigorously spreading the MANAKIN word and championing their favorite new act almost entirely by word of mouth. More than three months prior to the group’s debut CD release and premiere tour this September, Manakin pulled off the astonishing feat of becoming the hottest ticket on London's famed West End district, spurring hundreds of fans to line up for hours for the chance to catch a rare S.R.O. preview performance by their new favorite band. If all of this sounds like a "too-good-to-be-true" rock fable, it's only because you have yet to experience Manakin.

What makes Manakin and their music so unique is its timelessness - the product of an extremely wide diversity of talents and influences, creating a sound far greater than the sum of its styles. Fronted by the dynamic charisma of vocalist/lyricist, Shake, and anchored by three of the most talented and versatile musicians on the scene today (Charlie Casey - guitars, Russell Milton - bass and Ian Markin - drums), this brilliantly tight combo effortlessly glides across decades’ worth of genres, seamlessly melding them into their own unforgettable timeless style. Though the distinctive sound of Manakin may at times feel comfortingly familiar, it is even more daringly original: Manakin’s uniquely hybridized music is cutting-edge stellar pop craftsmanship, rooted in Shake’s powerfully resonant lyrics and delivered with sheer rock attitude – truly unlike anything else on the radar. And while remaining utterly timeless, the scope, scale and span of the eleven tracks on their upcoming debut CD merely hint at the myriad of possibilities lying ahead for Manakin.
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