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Foever june
#6 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
Foever june
Hard Rock
Length: 4:27
On Network Since Nov 30, 2009
When freedom fails
#156 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
When freedom fails
Man The Destroyer
Hard Rock
Length: 3:54
On Network Since May 21, 2009
Something of that nature (Instrumental)
#157 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
Something of that nature (Instrumental)
Hard Rock
Length: 4:59
On Network Since May 21, 2009
Man the Destroyer
SongVault Certified Artist Man the Destroyer

Ontario, Canada

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

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Before a problem is fixed, it must be acknowledged. There is no cure without a diagnosis. Man The Destroyer is the rare Hard Rock band that is willing and able to point out the countless faults of humanity. Rather than merely point out the fallen nature of man, though, Man The Destroyer offers a solution. Their ability to carefully evaluate social issues and their knack for writing powerful and aggressive music have endeared them to audiences in both Los Angeles and Toronto.

While studying at the Musician’s Institute in California, vocalist P.J. Bahramian and guitarist Don Pena joined forces when they were assigned to create a live act in one of their performance classes. Bahramian was instantly impressed with Pena’s skills, and approached him with a demo tape and his idea for a band. Pena was intrigued and immediately agreed to work with Bahramian. Within mere weeks, they had found another member, written songs, and performed live shows.

The band quickly created a strong following in Los Angeles while performing at such famous locales as The Whiskey, The Cat Club, and The Knitting Factory. Eventually, though, the two founders graduated and were forced to relocate to Toronto due to visa issues. They soon recruited drummer Mike Casmi, from Australia, and Matt McLean, a bassist from Windsor. The fresh blood and new location immediately reinvigorated Man the Destroyer.

Equally inspired by the grit and intensity of Guns ‘n Roses and Metallica and the dramatic element of Dream Theatre and Static X, Man The Destroyer soon developed their own sound. More importantly, though, they discovered endless inspiration in the form of current events.

According to front man Bahramian, the name “Man The Destroyer” developed as a statement about “how we view human beings, and more specifically, mankind, as we are today. Mankind is a destroyer that has evolved from Man. We were not born this way, but we have evolved this way.”

In contrast to artists who simply complain about the way things are, Bahramian offers a sincere and thought-provoking solution: “By recognizing our changes which have been for the worst, we can divert our direction and stop the destruction that we have unleashed to the world. We need to recognize our actions and realize that there are always consequences.” This worldview does not come across as preachy or condescending because they “let the audience form their own judgments” based on the band’s observations.

Since moving to Toronto, Man The Destroyer have performed at some of the city’s more reputable venues, including The Reverb, Lee’s Palace, and The Kathedral. They recently released their debut EP, Day of Grey. Finally, the band will soon shoot a video for their first single.

With a commitment to making a positive contribution to both modern rock and society, Man The Destroyer are poised to soon reach a wider audience. For more information on Man The Destroyer, visit
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