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Makarina Diliza
Makarina Diliza

East London
Florida, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / Latin Rap / HipHop

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Notswayi Siyavuya, (December,24,1997) who is known by his stage name Makarina. He was born in Port Saint Johns,Eastern Cape. His mother named him "Makarina" on that year of 1997 since the dance of macarena was popular in that year. Makarina's elder brother Simxolele named him "Diliza" as a nickname (the character of Abakwazidenge) since he was bossy to his age group, then his home boys abbreviated his nickname to "Dili".

When he was 11 years old, he used to participate in every thing based on Creative Art like singing, bead work and dancing. As the time goes on, Makarina like singing and he founded PSJ SQUAD crew on 2011 with Raizor Wire and became well known as the boss of PSJ SQUAD crew
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