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Mahlatsi Mashego
Mahlatsi Mashego

Mpumalanga, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / Dancehall

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Mahlatse Mashego
better known by
his stage name **Swaye Major **
The young vibrant sensational Hip Hop
And RnB recording artist from Bushbuckridge Mpumalanga
Is known for his hit single **Falling For You**

Birth name : Mahlatse Mashego
Born : 21 August 1997 (21)
From Bushbuckridge Mpumalanga
Genre : Hip Hop ,RnB
Occupation : Rapper/Songwriter/Record Producer/Businessman
Instrument : Piano
Year active : 2017
Record Label : Prudential Entertainment
**Early life and Career**

**Mahlatse Mashego** , Originally from
Bushbuckridge,Mpumalanga province.
He started writing music in primary

This rising star is making waves and He's born for the spotlight.(Swaye )
with his name as a brand He is said to have the taste for music trends and fashion

From the stage name "Sway" is to turn unexpectedly the letter " E" at the end inspired him to make his name unique because he took it from the name Joyce which is his late mother who raise him until the age of 8 when she passed away.The young fresh Prince of poverty and power was inspired to do music,because He witnessed poverty at first hand.Through his music,He sends out hope to motivate those who think they want to give up in life because things are not going their way. Poverty is a word success comes only if you stand up and chase it.

The "Major "came when he was thinking about popularity (major )means big,huge
To go global,the rapper wants his songs to be major and his career to break
boundaries " throughout his childhood Swaye wrote poems motivational speeches but He never recieved the platform to showcase his work
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