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new york
New York, United States

East Coast Rap / Alternative Rap

Listen to M.E.R.G.E
M.E.R.G.E which stands for Money Earner Representin' Ghetto's Everywhere / Mind Exposin' Real Ghetto Energy / and Murderin' Every Record Ghetto Ebenezer among other alias's has been rhyming and recording for the last 15 years...

..His passion for his culture and experiences from growing up in the Lower East Side of New York City/Lower West Side/Uptown/Brooklyn are easily reflected in his music. Raised in the very tough Avenue-D Jacob Riis projects M.E.R.G.E has endured extremely difficult times in his life but as a strong Latino brother he is determined to overcome them...

..He has lost both of his parents, pops to cancer and his moms to diabetes and heart failure. He has survived a stabbing, collapsed lung, fractured skull, the law, among other tragedies and has risen from the ashes to take the world by storm among other tragedies that keep him on a righteous path...

..He takes great pride in his writing. M.E.R.G.E does not compromise in his creativity, which can be easily heard in the music that he creates. M.E.R.G.E has a presence that shines on any stage he performs on. You can also catch M.E.R.G.E at where he has landed the theme song for this up and coming 3-D cartoon...

..His hit underground banger titled "Destined For Glory" is being featured in the soundtrack for the upcoming independent film "Diamonds In Da Rough." M.E.R.G.E is also in the process of recording new songs for future releases...

..He is a former member of the group "809 Foundation" wit cross BOE Bravo which was managed by Tink who is a Member of EPMD's HITSQUAD and cuzzo of PMD. MERGE also had smash underground hits which was played on Hot 97.1 by DJ Enuff. He's dealt wit' haters fo' a long time but da GOD always perseveres..

..He has performed at Wetland's for Cold Crushs 20th anniversary bash, the Arena with Jeru The Damaja, and most recently at S.O.B's for the Latin Coalition, The Black Expo. M.E.R.G.E is not your average MC, he's been slept on for a minute and with his NI-TY click: N.G., HARM, AMARI Perez, DSWAN, Stormshadow, Cross BOE Bravo, June, Michete Eddie, and da Jr. Regulatorz-He will prove he's the real deal as true underground cats all over have already witnessed. Now it's time to take over Corporate America!!!!!!!..
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