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Connecticut, United States

HipHop / Rap / East Coast Rap

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This Stamford, CT native is all skills, no hype. 'Nuff said. For more than ten years M.D.-E has graced the underground scene in his home state of Connecticut garnering his reputation with a group of MC's known as the Skavenjas. M.D.-E was first heard on The Skavenjas album "The Real Cut" which was released in 1999 and landed him a solo artist production deal in Los Angeles, California in early 2001. After his brief stint in LA, M.D.-E began working with a New York Based Independent Record Company known as Verse Recordings and is now preparing to release his much anticipated and long overdue solo project. M.D.-E is currently putting the finishing touches on his album "Bootleg Me!" with production being done by Rob Relish of Verse Recordings. The album "Bootleg Me!" has a wide variety of music that you can vibe to which includes songs covering issues of police brutality such as "Profiled", to the love of Hip-Hop music, hence "Ms. Hip-Hop". M.D.-E also covers the popular Dance Hall / Reggae scene with a jump off featuring Zybez, a talented Stamford, CT Reggae Artist on the song "Bad Mon". "Bad Mon" has been widely recieved and is greatly expected to be M.D.-E's first single off of "Bootleg Me!". This is just a taste of M.D.-E's versatality, so take heed and be on the look out for anything involving these 3 letters. M.D.-E.
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