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River Music
#70 in Christian SongVault Certified
River Music
Later On
Christian Folk
Length: 2:24
On Network Since Apr 2, 2007
Later On
#496 in Christian SongVault Certified
Later On
Later On
Christian Pop / Rock
Length: 3:53
On Network Since Feb 27, 2007
Lynne Clarke
SongVault Certified Artist Lynne Clarke

Staten Island
New York, United States

Christian Folk / Christian Pop / Rock

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Lynne is a devout Christian who has seen what Jesus can do in the life of a believer. When she was six, Lynne’s parents left everything behind and immigrated to the USA. They literally sacrificed all in this move to bring the family of seven from Venezuela to the USA. As the youngest of five, Lynne took stock of how her mother was able to go from being an elementary school teacher, to working as a maid in the US, raise five
children while at the same time attend college to finally receive a degree as a top grade registered nurse. Lynne’s mom proved to be a powerful model of faith and perseverance and the wonderful things that one can do when one opens his or her heart to Jesus.

Lynne Clarke is a Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter with a gift for verse and melody. She prefers to tell stories through her lyrics that show both practical examples of faith in action and convey the message of the gospel. Though songwriting came later, music has always played a major role in her life. Lynne began singing in the fourth grade in her elementary school glee club. As an adult she sang in the church choir.

She began writing Christian music as an outlet during a difficult period in her life. She initially performed for friends and family. She later played at church and larger community events. She now has a faithful following of supporters and believes that the Lord is calling her to share her music with the whole world.
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