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Luke Pfaff
Luke Pfaff

New York, United States

Indie Rock / Experimental

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My name is Luke Pfaff. I've done many projects and recorded many of songs, the majority of which I am not very fond of. However, I currently work on a solo project called "A Retreat" which plays a primarily acoustic studio set influenced by countless indie, emo, and post-rock acts. I do love playing music. I attempt to replicate and continue the legacy of the many bands and artists I love. I love deep and poetic factors of music, as well as expressive and passion displayed in music. I am not necessarily one to create extremely complex and elitist pieces, however I love math rock and complicated instrumentation blends. As well as this, I have been playing guitar for 7 years and am constantly improving. You can listen to the best of my A Retreat solo project at my bandcamp. A demo and EP has been released digitally. A full length is currently in the works.

Update: I have released acoustic songs I wrote to bandcamp. These will be the last of my solo indie/emo acoustic songs that I will release ever, or at least for a while. I have moved on to other creative projects with ambition and collaboration with many beautiful people. This will surely effect the upcoming full length that may or may not be released under the title of A Retreat.
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