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Louis Gentile
Louis Gentile

New Jersey, United States

Soundtracks / Instrumental Rock

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Louis Gentile, born in Newark, New Jersey, is a Classically trained guitarist who has been in the music field for over thirty years. He is a graduate of Montclair State College, receiving a B.A. degree in music education, and music theory & composition. Additional studies include NYU with Disney heavyweight Buddy Baker. In addition to guitar, Louis also performs on steel guitar, banjo, harmonica and dobro. He has also spent time in Nashville as a road musician and has opened up for Emmylou Harris and Waylon Jennings.

Publicity Material and Professional References

“Louis is a go-to guy for film and TV soundtracks. On this disc he demonstrates his versatility for several different styles and moods. Each track is short – just enough to put behind that tender moment on the TV drama or that car chase on the big screen”.
Jamie Anderson

"Lou is a great technical player on guitar and the other fretted instruments he plays. In turn, this allows him to play his music with expression and feeling. In addition to being a refreshing change, his music is still accessible to a mainstream audience".
Erik D. Unknown

"Louis Gentile is a composer whose versatility is not only different but far more engaging then most. The honest and sensitive nature of his music is far above the norm. Being a first rate player of all types of guitars and related instruments provides him with a unique advantage for any type of score. After listening to some of his music I actually went away remembering a good portion of it.
The high level of production value of his Cds make it clear that Mr. Gentile can provide music for any professional envoirnment".
Joe Gianono
Composer: Chip n' Dales' Rescue Rangers
Arranger: Backstreet Boys, Roger Daltry, Philip Bailey, Peter Frampton, Michael Feinstein, Bryn Terfel, Robert Merrill, PM Dawn, Blood, Sweat &Tears, Yes, NY City Opera, Julliard Orchestra

"Louis Gentile is a composer, arranger, orchestrator of very high quality. He lives and works with high moral and professional standards".
Angelo Badalamenti
"The Wicker Man", "Twin Peaks"

"A perfect fit"
Joe Iurato
Speaking about the song "Blue Latin", featured in his film "FUSE"

"Mr.Gentile continues to be our first choice for original music for our films and we highly recommend him as a source for original music for your projects".
Steve & Rowena Scibelli,

Additional references available

Film & Television Credits:

E! Entertainment Television (bkgd)
The Biography Channel (bkgd)
The Discovery Channel (bkgd)
The Uncle Floyd Show New Jersey Network
Joe Franklin Show WOR-Network
“The Editor” (song contributions) a film by Tamir Mostafa

"Our Memories of Chicago" (score) RonRail Productions

"FUSE" (song contribution) Indevisual Productions

"Codename: Female" (score) Awe Films
plus two other scores with Awe Films

Music Libraries:
Harpo Production Music Library
Summit Music Valencia,Cal.
The Music Kitchen Bakersfield,Cal
Ignition Creative Santa Monica, Cal

St.James Theater NYC

"Summer69'the Musical Happening"
Douglas Fairbanks Theater NYC

"Honky-Tonk Angel"
Lamb’s Theater NYC
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