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Is that You Gary?
#166 in Metal / Hard Rock SongVault Certified
Is that You Gary?
Metal / Hard Rock
Length: 3:39
On Network Since Feb 26, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Lorus

IL, 60626

Metal / Hard Rock / Experimental

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What would happen if Tool, Melvins and Mogwai all had a gangbang in the back of a tour bus? Their bastard offspring would be called Lorus. Raised by King Crimson with a little strict discipline from Mr. Bungle, Lorus is an avant metal band formed by guitarist Dylan Burr and keyboardist Alan Lawrence. Lorus' music blends divergent genres and synthesizes them with a heavier end, finding new and groundbreaking avenues for heavy music.

Playing alongside Dylan and Alan is bassist Chris Brown, Lorus most recent addition, sets an anti-circular, driving tempo.

Having been together under a year, they will be releasing Deluge on March 12, 2007, the bands first release that has a eclectic mixture of styles including jazz, metal, stoner rock, doom/sludge, blues, and classic rock. Staying true to what they call natural progression the band strives to write songs that flow and do not come across as forced or written to be weird. It is sure to go into the history books and a very new an unique fusion of sounds and styles.

Accessible, inexplicable, experimental, lugubrious and other .75 cent words. How can one band be both? Check and here for show dates and deeper explanation.
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