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New Jersey, United States

Heavy Metal / Hard Rock

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LOCKJAW. Formed in 1995, this is as hard and heavy as it gets. The band has gone through its changes but Has now formed its lineup with a different and viable sound. Bill Cunningham ( Vocalist ) Singer, Songwriter has played in numerous bands such as Condemned. Also has played and toured with various Other name acts such as Biohazard, Typo-Negative, Murphy’s Law, Stone Temple pilots. Billy Mac, producer, engineer, singer, songwriter. Joined the act in 2007 adding solid guitar playing and Writing with and edge. Has worked with Ill Nino, Drag Pipe, Mark Pinske, TM Stevens, and the Misfits. JayBird, Lead guitar. Has toured with numerous national acts. Too many to mention. His style Is to be seen and set its place in the industry. His writing and playing speaks for itself. Truly a gifted performer in every respect. Thomas Dillon. Drums. Playing for over 20 years with substance that with transfer into a true legend. He has played with numerous bands adding what we say, style. Touring is nothing new to Tom. The more he plays, the better he becomes. John Chrissy. Bass. Another veteran of the music industry. Played and toured with numerous acts. Also engineered and produced various records inclusive of TRIXTER. John currently is a player of various styles of music and we are fortunate to have him play with this band. LockJaw is sure to make its mark in the music industry in 2008. Hold on for the ride
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