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Leeah Hayes
Leeah Hayes

Oklahoma, United States

Folk Rock / Various

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David Hayes is the band I\'m in. I provide the choice harmony, and am in the process of learning how to slap that bass! My momma says I was singing before I could talk! We are from Oklahoma, but we are not Red Dirt or any other style of country. Don't get me wrong, our ears are very diverse in what they listen to, we just belong more on a surfboard than on a horse! Search for David Hayes and try us out!

David Hayes is my bro-in-law and he has talent dripping from every pore in his body! REALLY! He is the main event! He has lifelong experience and an incredible talent for pulling music from his heart and letting it flow from his mouth!!! His guitar playing perfectly compliments his voice and can be slappy and upbeat one moment and gripping and velvet smoothness the next.

Daniel Hayes is the drummer/percussionist and is my best friend/husband! His settup is an eclectic mix consisting of a large and small Djembe, a shaker, his kit (that he sometimes plays w/ his hands!), and hotsticks. And if you see us live, he will most likely not be wearing shoes! :)

He and David have been together for life, obviously, and it really comes through when they play. We are stoked about the fact that we can be together as a family while doing what we love! We\\\'re just now climbing, so give us a hand up!!! Massive Thanks for your support!!!!
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