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All Songs Blood In Blood Out Drawing Clocks
Arlo The Killer
#57 in Folk SongVault Certified
Arlo The Killer
Blood In Blood Out
New Acoustic
Length: 3:41
On Network Since May 30, 2007
Brian Writes Poetry (Radio Edit)
#66 in Folk SongVault Certified
Brian Writes Poetry (Radio Edit)
Drawing Clocks
New Acoustic
Length: 3:15
On Network Since May 30, 2007
Lee Rogers
SongVault Certified Artist Lee Rogers

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

New Acoustic / Singer/Songwriter

Listen to Lee Rogers
If your musical tastes include people like STING, JAMES TAYLOR, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN OR VAN MORRISSON then you're going to love the music of singer song-writer LEE ROGERS. Hailing from Belfast in Northern Ireland, Lee sent out a demo album to various labels and was immediately picked up by UK label Zenith Cafe. In 2006 he subsequently recorded his debut album 'Drawing Clocks' in Italy with noted Italian producer Marco Canepa (Zucchero , Roger Hodgson of SuperTramp) .

A great favourite with Ted Kelly at XM Worldspace, his international performances include NXNE (North by North Easst) in Toronto, MIDEM in Cannes, Best Of Brits two years in a row at ABBEY ROAD for XM Worldspace and of course countless gigs in the UK and Ireland including supporting Australian star TIM FREEDMAN for some of Tim's solo gigs in the UK.

Lee has already had tracks on two major feature films; The River King starring Ed Burns for Myriad Pictures and; 'Maradona La Mano De Dios' which Lee was asked earlier this year to co-write and perform the title track for.

What are other people saying about Lee Rogers?

"Unbelievable music, loving the voice. The songwriting is solid gold" - Arnold McCuller, singer, James Taylor band

"....Love, love, love....pierced by impassioned vocals sounding like Sting at his stratospheric best" -Alan Fark, Minor 7th review

"....a very very good record, I hope someone at radio picks up on it and plays it to death" - Paul Brady

"...very impressive and very enjoyable!" - Dominic Miller, Guitar Virtuoso, Sting Band

"..This was a mix of Tom Waits, The Commitments and John Lee Hooker in the form of a charming Irishman." -Phil Velleneuve, Chart Attack, Canada (live review of NXNE show)

The best we've heard of over 200 artists!
Reviewer: Doug, CEO of BBS Radio
One of the best artists on BBS Radio, if not the best at this time! The CD is nothing short of Brilliant! More songs worth listening to than 2,000 independant artists CDs I've reviewed in the past two years!

''Nevermind'' is sublime and the single ''Love, Love, Love'' wonderfully soulful. ...If you like your rock laid back and blues laced then this could be right up your street" - Pete Whalley,



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