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New York, United States

HipHop / Rap / East Coast Rap

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Lebanon is a veteran Buffalo, N.Y. Hip-Hop artist. Whose career actually predates the emergences of the Eskimo at Upstate Entertainment. Now, Lebanon is nationally recognized, and has taken the game to a new level. Lebanon was voted one of the top 100 unsigned artists in 2006. He is considered to be a driving force in Buffalo, NY. As an entertainer, he doesnít call himself an M.C., but He is. Lebanon is a hell of an M.C. Although his direction is different, itís definitely street, soulful with substance. Covering everything from nagging baby mommas, to going back and fourth to court. The Beautiful thing about Lebanon is his delivery, his timing. Whether alive performance or a studio recording, this songwriter interprets tragedy, and triumph through his lyrics with conviction, which has become his signature sound! There are one-hit wonders, and then thereís one hit that makes you wonder. His breakout song Come on Man produced by Carolina Blu, was a huge success in WNY, and heavily downloaded on i tunes. Lebanon is showing no signs of letting up! In fact word on the streets is that heís just getting started. He plans to release his mix CD One check from Millions before dropping his full-length studio album, Hell frozen Over. One check from Millions is online nationwide and in stores now! Manufactured and distributed by C-Lations Digital Distribution, Houston, TX. His album is long overdue, yet right on time. Hell frozen Over will include 14 unreleased songs, highly anticipated. In the meantime, Lebanon will be performing live at various clubs throughout New York and surrounding areas promoting his mix CD One Check from Millions. Hell frozen over will be in stores September 2007.

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From Bailey and Schreck to the world Hell frozen Over in stores 2007. Watch out for him, seriously!
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