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Leah Jee
Leah Jee

Los Angeles
California, United States

Rock / Punk

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Leah Jee is infusing the music scene with her original style of pop rock with a punk twist. With her drive, creativity, and amazing vocal and musical abilities, Leah Jee is coming full force. Born and raised in Southern California, Leah’s music reflects her deep west coast roots. Having lived in Milwaukee, WI for many years, Midwest overtones are also definitely apparent in her songs. An accomplished singer, guitarist, songwriter and lyricist with a stack credits to her name, Leah strives to capture the essence of life experiences into song. Fully believing music can change the world, Leah works hard to perform and promote campaigns, benefits and charities with very worthy causes. Growing up in Southern California was hugely influential for Leah Jee as a musician and a performer. From the So Cal mentality to the musical styling of the west coast, Leah is the Midwest girl with California roots, ready to rock you out. Music is her passion, and one look at her up on the stage or listening to one of her songs makes it evident - she is here to share that passion with you. Leah will make you believe her mantra, “I’m Leah Jee, and I’m here to rock you out.”
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