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Call To Arms
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Call To Arms
Eternal Levels
HipHop / Rap
Length: 3:31
On Network Since Apr 15, 2007
Lazarus Divine
SongVault Certified Artist Lazarus Divine

Pennsylvania, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Gifted. Spiritual. Lyrical. No one has ever called Lazarus Divine ordinary.

Hailing from Philly but rocking the mic and stage with such internationally renowned artists as Masta Ace and Prophets of the Ghetto, Divine’s skills have sent him abroad to such places as Baltimore and even as far as the Great Lakes.

Always a power within his own right, Divine has also been the half of the controversial and evocative group Coup Da Ta where he and Black Panther Member King Samir garnered city wide press and support teaching self empowerment and evoking community awareness.

A true revolutionary, Divine sits on the threshold of powerful pioneers such as Dead Presidents and Public Enemy. Divine’s thought provoking and piercing rhymes have been hailed as a call-to-arms by online critics as well as heavily respected hip hop and music journalists. Determined to not only reconstruct the state of hip hop, Divine is prepared to do so by any means necessary as hip hop expert and respected teacher, KRS-1 has suggested.

Taking it to the next level has never been a problem for Divine as he has been summoned to join community marches as well as participate in hip hop action initiatives. Through his thoughts and actions Divine is proving everyday that hip hop is not just something you do, it is the way you live.

“I strive to make the products I create worth the price through lyrical diversity,” states Divine. “I’m an artist that is committed to educating our youth on true black history”

In a time where artists and their background is fabricated for the sake of creating street credibility, Divine walks the line, not afraid of making the importance of black history and black future his threshold.

Though his music and message can be felt and embraced by all Divine seldom misses an opportunity to perform the music of movement that so many have come to appreciate.

Bringing art to life and history to the present is what has made Divine not only the performer that he is but also a visionary and pioneer in his own right.

As he embarks on the next phase of his life love and musical career, Divine looks to the footsteps of the past while kicking down the doors of the present.
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