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larry warren
larry warren

Connecticut, United States

Contemporary Country / Adult Alternative

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Hello,I don't really consider myself an artist/performer instead i'm more of a musician/songwriter.Some of my influences include the beatles,the eagles,billy joel,bob dylan.etc.i was a guitar/music teacher giving guitar lessens for awhile,
i'm most interested in getting my songs pitched to/cut by other artists and i've gotten some music licensing deals recently on tv shows,i'm always looking for more licensing opportunities worldwide in tv,movies/films,tv ads etc.i get almost a million retail radio airplays and streams worldwide per year,I've had some minor licensing deals in the past few years,I WAS A FINAIIST IN THE GASC SONG CONTEST with the song 'me and my ukulele'.I have a mixed bag of songs available in contemporary country,trad country,adult pop,adult contemporary,blues,ukulele and a few other genres as well ,i have a couple reggae tunes,a couple ukulele songs,a few blues songs even a quirky fun playful wedding anthem/song i think you'll can find more of my stuff at; .anyway go check out my tunes i think you'll find something you like.anyway thanks so much for your support and thanks for listening.ENJOY !! lj
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